The modular ValueZone approach

Always start with ValueZone Basic (developing and training sales reps to work with the Value Selling Platform), expend with ValueZone Plus (coaching Managers & Sales Reps to put ValueZone into practice) and if you want to go all in choose ValueZone Premium (Sales Enablement CRM Software + Templates). We can also customize the ValueZone to your needs with ValueZone Tailored.

  • ValueZone Basic (Development + Training)

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  • ValueZone Plus (Expend with Coaching)

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  • ValueZone Premium (Expend with Software)

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  • ValueZone Tailored (Customized programs)

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ValueZone Basic: Developing + Training Value Selling Platform

In ValueZone Basic we develop, together with delegates of sales and marketing, the value selling platform. We pay attention to all pillars (Approach/Process, Material Templates, Software) to make sure we develop a balanced value selling platform to work with. From the start the platform is 80% ready to use, the remaining 20% is customized to your situation. We finish with training all sales reps to make sure they are capable to put value selling into practice.

ValueZone Basic (Developing + Training Value Selling Platform)
A solid foundation for value selling
Implementation time 2 - 5 months
4 sessions to develop the ValueZone on location and 2 training sessions for the sales reps
A maximum of 5 participants (development sessions) and 10 participants (training sessions)
On location of the customer (travel expenses outside The Netherlands are not included)
For Sales, Marketing, Management and Directors
Some experience with Sales and/or Marketing is required
Implementation time 2 - 5 months
Customization is possible (such as extra sessions, online sessions or expand with developing material)
€ 500,- donation to a good cause (helping foundations who support childeren with lifethreatening diseases)
Besides 12 months subscription one-off investment possible
Our standard currency pricing is € , other currency on request

ValueZone Plus: Personal coaching of Managers & Sales Reps putting ValueZone into practice.

Next to ValueZone Basic we can help you with coaching to become an expert in value selling. This help expands the success factor, the adoption of the ValueZone and the return on investment.

ValueZone Plus (Coaching)
Coaching of sales reps and managers on value selling
Period of 12 months, once a month
12 online coaching sessions for optimal adoption of the ValueZone
Maximum of 10 participants
Unlimited e-mail/online support (<15 minutes per session)
For sales reps and sales directors
Based on the situation of the customer
Customization is possible (such as more or less sessions, learning management system € 45,- per user/mnth.)
€ 500- donation to good cause
Besides subscription (12 months) one-off investment (€ 12.000,-) also possible
Our standard currency pricing is € , other currency on request

ValueZone Premium: Advanced sales enablement CRM software for optimal sales guidance.

Using software to reinforce your sales reps to put the sales process, sales methodology and all sales supporting templates into practice, is one of the most powerful instruments. We are business partner of Membrain, one of the best sales enablement CRM tools available. We also have experience using software such as and Microsoft Dynamics. Proirity number 1 is that the software functions like a guided selling tool.

ValueZone Premium (Software)
Per person per month
Sales Enablement CRM Software with Templates
The standard contract period is 12 months
Membrain or Salesforce Plug-In
SaaS software + Mobile App (IoS, Android)
Installation included
Software Training included
Support and Online Coaching included
Based on ValueZone Templates
Minimum of 3 users
Only in combination with ValueZone Basic
Customization possible
Our standard currency pricing is € , other currency on request

ValueZone Tailored: Value selling platform at your wishes

Besides our standardized ValueZone modules, we develop and run customized sales programs. You will find some examples in the table below. Please reach out to us to discuss options.

ValueZone Tailored
A totally customized Sales Enablement System
Fixed price, return guarantees, no cure no pay, partnership
On-boarding program for new sales reps
Interim Sales , Sales Enablement and/or Marketing Management
Win / Loss Analysis opportunities, customers, value proposition
Developing content related to value propositions
Developing business value calculators
Complete outsourcing of Sales Enablement
Sales Mindset Programs
Blended learning programs (In person, online, Learning Management Systems)

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