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The top 3 business outcomes of investing in sales enablement

1. Grow your market share with how you sell

grow your market share value selling sales enablement strategy

Distinquish yourself from the competition with your way of selling. How you sell matters and results in the best sales experience, the #1 decisive reason of your customer.

2. Build a world class sales force in your industry

build a world class sales team value selling sales enablement strategy

Attract the best sales professionals in the market with your way of selling. Decrease the new sales onboarding time up till 75%. Secure continuity in case of (temporary) leave.

3. Increase your predictability in sales forecasting

increase sales forecast predictability value selling sales enablement strategy

No more surprises in your sales forecast. Be as predictable as possible. Only pay attention to the opportunities with a serious chance of winning. Increase the average deal sizes up till 35%.

Let me start by sharing my vision on sales enablement

1. Three universal questions, the foundation of your value selling sales enablement strategy

The best sales professionals help their (potential) customers with answering three universal questions: 1. Why Change?  2. Why You? 3. Why Now?, in an objective way. (watch video)

When your sales team members guide your customer like this, they are experienced as trusted partners to solve their problems and gain the value together.   

Why Change Why You Why Now Sales Enablement Value Selling ValueZone

Helping your customer with answering these three questions sounds easy, and it basically is. But the most easiest things are the hardest to execute. It demands a different way of selling, where serious effort and time is required. To help your sales team to make this change, a value selling sales enablement strategy is recommended.

Be a Trusted Partner in sales with Sales Enablement Value Selling ValueZone

Being a trusted partner is the highest state in professional sales development (watch video), which rewards in a 20% higher sales performace compared to traditional sellers.

Pillar 1: Transform the three universal questions into a sales process & sales methodology

The sales process and sales methodology, the first pillar of your value selling sales enablement strategy

The three basic questions and 5 underlaying subquestions are universal and apply to every business. If you want your sales reps to become trusted partners, you’ll need to use a sales process which guides your customers in the best way. (watch video)

Sales Process Steps Sales Methodology Value Selling Sales Enablement ValueZone

Every step in this sales process needs to be designed into the deepest detail, where qualification is key. “Do they meet your ideal customer criteria?” and “Do they have a problem worth solving?” are examples of this qualification. 

Every step in this sales process advises your team members what to do. A tuned in value selling methodology helps them how to sell/communicate in the best way.

Pillar 2: Add valuable content to every step of the sales process

Sales and marketing content, the second pillar of your value selling sales enablement strategy

“Content is king” is what you here from all marketing experts. I agree, with the nuance that relevant content is king. Most companies have a tremendous amount of content. I would suggest to collect, sharpen and expand content regarding the top problems you can solve with your product or solution. This content should also be matched to the right step in the sales process.  

Sales material Marketing Material Value Selling Sales Enablement ValueZone

Having all marketing materials in place is one thing, having all sales materials in place is a different league. This is even more important than the marketing material. These materials need to be short, concrete, up to date, creative and extremely relevant. (watch video)

Pillar 3: Put all ingredients together in sales enablement software

Sales enablement software, the third pillar of your value selling sales enablement strategy

Putting all ingredients together into one perfect dish like a chef, is an important component in sales enablement. There is only one place to do this; your sales enablement CRM software. If content isn’t part of your CRM software, this needs to be added as well. And last but not least of course; the right sales online training software.

Sales enablement CRM software ValueZone

I am the Dutch business partner of Membrain, the most rewarded sales enablement CRM software, which also has an embedded plugin for Salesforce. CRM software, Content Software, Learning Management Software and standalone sales tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, can help in making a great success of your sales enablement strategy.

Transform your sellers into trusted partners

Train and coach your sales team to adapt your value selling sales enablement strategy

Once all sales enablement pillars are ready for action, it is time to train and coach your sales team. Because selling like a trusted partner is completely different than selling like a transactional seller, they first need to unlearn before they can learn. This a big change in their mindset. From selling to helping. From product featuring to problem solving.

This change is a good opportunity to screen the sales competencies and sales mindset of your sales team members. SalesStep is the right tool to do this job, which provides visually strong insights in strengths and points of improvement. The ValueZone is certified business partner to execute these assessments and conversations.     

To become trusted partners your sales team will learn new skills, a fresh and resilient mindset and how and when to use the right content. Not only in the blended live and online training, also after the training with practicle coaching on the job.

Some of my sales enablement projects

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What makes me a sales enablement expert

The right man for your value selling sales enablement strategy

Value Selling Sales Enablement consultant Eric Boers

My name is Eric Boers and I am one of the Dutch pioneers in sales enablement.

My experience and knowledge of both sales and marketing, sales processes and sales methodologies and sales enablement CRM software are my biggest assets in sales enablement. In the last years my interest in mindset has risen as well.  

Companies often ask me to help build sales enablement from scratch or to take this discipline to the next level.  

Past sales enablement projects were executed in Dutch and English, online and on location, and around the globe. If you have a challenging sales enablement project, I am willing and flexible to come your way, anywhere on this globe.

M: +31630492736 LinkedIn E:

Investing in sales enablement

Do it all-in or don’t do it

Companies who invest in sales enablement and choose to go all-in, perform up till 40% better than companies who invest little. (research Gartner)

 In my sales enablement projects I feel it is important to constantly book results with the sales team. The benefit of this approach is that your sales performances go up very soon after the start of a sales enablement project.

build a world class sales team value selling sales enablement strategy

There are more financial ways to hire my services:

A) A fixed fee for the entire sales enablement project with clear deliverables.

B) A result oriented pricing model based on results (low entry costs and a % of the growth).

C) A Sales enablement as a Service model (all-in service per month, even with CRM software included).

D) A standard pricing model based on the hired services.

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