``Value Selling is knowing and understanding the needs of your ideal customer and guide them in a professional and sincere way, to gain the best value which fills these needs.``

Product knowledge doesn't add value. Knowing the impact of your product does.

The ValueZone unleashes the value of your product with the help of our value propositions sessions with your sales and marketing teams. All of this value will be mapped in a complete platform, which includes a sales methodology, sales process, sales supporting templates and software. This platform will enable your sales reps to sell in the most optimized way.

With the ValueZone we want to make this modern way of selling accesible to everyone.

Eric Boers, founder and consultant at the ValueZone



Reaching targets is often the number one priority in sales. Sales reps who use a standard sales process, improve their sales performances with 25% on average. A sales process is the summary of all steps which are required to make a high quality decision to buy from you. A professional sales process is part of an optimized platform.


Coaching is the most powerful way to develop sales professionals. Coaching multiple sales reps can only be done when everyone works the same way. The value selling platform enables sales reps to be fully transparant and use the same sales method and sales process.This way sales reps can be coached individually and as a team, based on solid reports and analytics. Coaching can improve the sales performances of sales reps with 20%.   


The onboarding of new sales reps is often taking too long. Add up the average staff turnover and the problem is clear. A good solid platform decreases the ramp-up time with 75%. Moreover a platform secures the required quality of the way of selling.


Sales reps spend less time on the primary mission of their job: selling. A sales platform operates like an oiled machine where sales reps can focus on selling. The direct sales time can be doubled (from 20 – 40%) with a platform.


Software is one of the floating powers in a sales platform and suits excellent to a modern way of selling. As soon as you have succeeded to implement the sales methodology, the sales process and all the sales supporting material in the software, you will see an substantial increase in return on software and adoption. 


Most companies have to little control on their pipeline and forecast. In a sales platform, such as the ValueZone,everyone works the same and uses the same language. You pipeline will be more healty and your forecast can become upto 80% predictable.

The 3 elements of the Value Selling Platform

The ValueZone consists of 3 elements to become a value selling company. The ValueZone is for 80% a standard and ready to use platform. The remaining 20% will be customized to your company situation.

1. The ValueZone Sales Approach & Sales Process

The ValueZone Sales Process consists of all stages and steps you walk with your customer. It starts with engaging on business value and ends with choosing the product with the best tangible value. Our value selling approach is fully adapted in the value selling sales process. The ValueZone is inspired by the best sales methods of the world, such as The Challenger Sale.

The value selling sales process

2. The ValueZone Templates

The sales supporting material is put together based on many powerful templates. Together we develop material such as key questions, scripts, business case calculators and conversation structures.

The external marketing material will be developed for all stakeholders based on value proposition sessions. All the marketing material such as whitepapers and videos needs to be concrete about the business value of your product.

3. The ValueZone Software

Software is the instrument of sales reps to guide them in value selling. The software needs to guide a sales rep like a car navigation system guides a driver. We can make this possible with our software named Membrain, one of the best sales enablement CRM systems available. We also have experience using Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics as value selling guidance software.

Guided value selling sales process InterestZone
Guided value selling sales process InterestZone
Guided value selling sales process CreationZone
Guided value selling sales process DecisionZone

Some of our international customers who experience the value of the ValueZone every day

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