In the advanced B2B the “sales experience” is the decisive reason why buyers award sellers with the deal. Not the brand image, not the product, not the price. The sales experience!

Examples of advanced B2B products are machinery, ERP software and airplanes. Expensive products where much knowledge is required, many stakeholders are involved and the risks of buying are high.

If you are in the advanced B2B the infographic in this article is a must have. In this business you cannot afford a mediocre way of selling.

The bad image of sales is killing in the B2B

The bad image of salespersons doesn’t contribute to the best sales experience. According to a research from Fidelum, where they have researched warmth and competence, salespersons are not experienced as warm and competent. When you are in the advanced B2B this finding should worry you a lot.

The main reasons of the bad sales image

In advanced B2B most sellers are chased by the “I will do anything for my commission” mentality. Unfortanutely the reality is often true. Most salespersons don’t have a solid sales education background. They dont know the basics and in most cases there is a lack of a good onboarding program where they work. They often get a short product training, have a couple of internal meetings and get thrown out with a big target. In these cases it is difficult for the salesperson to prove the opposite.

Salespersons in the advanced B2B try to master the products and spend all their time in it. But it is not about the product, it is about the value of this product. Instead of mastering the product they should focus on all the stakeholders and how they can be of value to each of them. This is something where HR and Sales don’t pay enough attention to in sales onboarding programs.

Value selling, the answer to the bad image of sales

Facing the bad image of sales is one of the main reasons I’ve founded the ValueZone. It is my goal to improve the image of sales with a new way of selling. This way of selling needs to be sincere, professional and filled with value.

I want to make the basics of this new way of selling available to everyone. This is the reason I have developed this infographic which guides you through all the steps of value selling.

Value Selling isn’t possible without value buying.

In this infographic I have mapped both the selling and buying perspective. The most important thing to start with is to forget all prejudices and bad experiences and to be transparant is your way of selling and the customers’ way of buying.

Download this infographic to see all 6 steps needed in advanced B2B selling and buying and spread the word. Let’s turn the bad image of sales around.


About Eric Boers

Eric is founder and consultant at the ValueZone, the ready to use value selling platform which consists of a value based sales approach, a professional sales process, many sales supporting templates and sales enablement CRM software.

He has years of experience in the software/SaaS industry, both in sales and marketing, and helps companies to build value selling platforms. His main goals are to let sales and marketing collaborate in a better way and he wants to change to bad image of sales. Every salesperson should be a trusted expert in sincere value selling.

You can reach him by mail: or by phone: +31630492736.